VPDAM 7in1 Coil Pack

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1.Made of high grade material
2.Durable and stable performance
3.Capable to work under high temperature



7 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Box 28pcs

VPDAM 7 in 1 Prebuilt Coil Box
This 7 in 1 coil box is made for those vapers who have many different coils but don't know how to keep and catogorize them. This coil box contains 7 different coils in it and can meet vaper's different needs. Anything you want, this coil box offers!


Packing List

4 * Torch coil
4 * Tri-twisted clapton coil
4 * Staple staggered coils
4 * Juggernaut coils
4 * Optimus prime coil
4 * Alien coil coils
4 * Clapception coils